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Children learn fast at an early age, so there is no real lower limit to when you can start. However, the ideal age to start to learning the language is around 11 years.


Yes. The basic courses or A1 level courses are for beginners who are looking to get exposure to the language for the very first time.

A maximum of 20 students are assigned to each course batch.

Four levels of Goethe Institute are offered, namely A1, A2, B1 and B2. For school students, training begins from grade 6 for CBSE and grade 8 for state board students.

Yes. The courses are designed as per the Goethe Institute, Max Müller Bhavan pattern and as per the syllabus prescribed by them. We follow the standards and prepare the students for the certification exams of Max Mueller Bhavan.

Weekday courses are conducted from Monday to Friday with each session lasting 90 minutes. Weekend courses have sessions lasting 120 Minutes.

Goethe Institute, Max Mueller Bhavan is the only certifying authority and certificates have a recognition throughout the world. We prepare the students for the Certification. However the students will have to take the responsibility of registering for the Certification examination. A complete information about the exam schedule is available of their website. 

Test series are for board students of grade 10th and 12th. Three papers and two preliminary exams will be conducted in preparation, which will help the students tackle the boards confidently

Yes, the short courses are designed to cover the portion in a shorter period of time. However, students will have to work hard as well to ensure they can keep up a good level of self-study for optimal results.


Exam preparation courses are designed as practice for the Goethe Institute certificate exams, as per the standards and pattern laid by the institute itself. This includes mock tests, ample practise of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

School and college students, with learning impediments such as dyslexia, dysgraphia or hearing issues are taught on one-on-one. Individual circumstances can always be discussed in person to come up with an ideal course of action.

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